The Dragon Gang are three unnamed dragons who appeared as the main antagonists of "Spike's Search" - an episode from the original My Little Pony series.

Spike, being a baby dragon, was becoming worried with his inability to control his fire-breath so set out to find a dragon to teach him how to control his powers - unfortunately he came across a gang of particularly brutish dragons, complete with a leader who fancied himself a king (wearing a crown).

The Dragon Gang were rude and unwelcoming to Spike but their leader decided to allow Spike to come with them to see what being a dragon was about - however to Spike's dismay the Dragon Gang raided a nearby village, terrorizing the villagers and stealing their food.

The Dragon Gang proceeded to leave the still burning village and laughed despite Spike saying what they were doing was wrong - Spike suggested that the Dragon Gang be more like the Little Ponies, which sparked the Dragon Gang's interest and they had Spike take them to the Little Ponies: though they were secretly planning on robbing the Ponies and were simply using Spike.

However the Ponies were aware of what was happening and arranged a feast for the Dragon Gang, who greedily took the food and began to bully the Ponies - causing Spike to stand up to them: yet they refused to leave and so the Ponies let loose a trap they had set specifically for the troublesome dragons.

Using a nearby waterfall they drenched the dragons, who hated being wet and fled the scene complaining that they were only "having fun".

Spike decides he is better off without the Dragon Gang and says he wanted to learn how to be a dragon and not a bully.


  • They obviously inspired the teenage dragon gang from the episode "Dragon Quest" in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  • The king resembles King Koopa in Super Mario Bros. Super Show.