Megan, as she appears in "Rescue From Midnight Castle".

Megan Williams is a cute, sweet and very beautiful 12-year-old girl who helps her pony friends in Ponyland. She's the bearer of the Rainbow of Light. Gentle and motherly, mature and resourceful, she acts as the Little Ponies' leader, and in times of crisis the ponies often fly across the rainbow to find her.

She lives with her siblings on a ranch where she keeps a horse named TJ, and a bull named Tauro.

She was first brought to Dream Valley by Firefly to help save her friends from and defeat Tirek. During her quest, she encounters the Sea Ponies and the Moochick, who gave her a heart-shaped locket which contains the Rainbow of Light. After defeating Tirek, Firefly took her back home, taking the locket with her.

She eventually returned to Ponyland, where the ponies throw her a 'Welcome Back' party. During that time, she helped the ponies free the enslaved Bushwoolies from Catrina and reformed her.