Scorpan is a demon gargoyle (originally a human being). As Spike mentioned in the special, Scorpan was once a human prince before Tirek destroyed his kingdom and corrupted him using the Rainbow of Darkness, turning him into his demonic form. Despite to his appearance, he shows sympathy to the ponies who were being turned into evil dragons. It was shown the reason why he helps Tirek kidnap ponies was because Tirek threatens to harm Spike if he didn't. During the finale of the special, he was turned back into his human form.

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Scorpan being protective of Spike.


Scorpan's true form.

Scorpan is mentioned in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as Tirek's brother. Much like the G1 version, Scorpan comes to appreciate the friendship of the ponies and warned them of Tirek's invasion.